About OGA

The purposes of the Office of Global Affairs (OGA) are to foster an environment of multi-cultural learning, to promote respect among members of the global village, and to forge a broader sense of understanding within the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) community of the differences among diverse peoples. The OGA also acts as the liaison office between NTHU and international students and scholars. Our mission is to help internationalize NTHU so that students are trained to serve their own society as well as the international community.

In order to achieve these goals, the OGA endeavors to :
Actively seek academic cooperation with esteemed universities internationally. The OGA is responsible for establishing and maintaining ties with partner universities and their corresponding governments, to encourage academic collaboration, and overseeing the execution of inter-university academic projects.

Provide scholarships and assistance to domestic students who plan to study abroad. The OGA provides means for NTHU students to broaden their horizons and cultivate a global perspective on world cultures. We assist NTHU students by providing information and services related to academic exchange and study abroad programs.

Expand our capacity for accepting and accommodating exceptional international students.  This includes offering a broad curricula, providing services and information as well as opportunity to study and understand Taiwanese culture, and assist them to realize their individual and academic goals.